Red : the true story of Red Riding HoodRed: The True Story of Red Riding Hood by Leisl Shurtliff
Michaiah's Rating: ★★★

Red isn't afraid of anything, except magic. So when Red's Granny falls ill, Red must find a cure - even if it has to be a magical one. So with the help from an annoying blond-haired girl named Goldie, Red embarks on a journey to find a cure for her Granny. A journey that will take her through dwarven caves, to a haunted well, and an enchanted castle. Along the journey, Red and Goldie are followed by a wolf and a huntsman - two enemies each seeking help to defeat each other. But one just might have the solution that Red is looking for. 
This book is really intriguing! It has some humor in it, but it also has you so you don't want to put it down! This author is really talented - she's really good at twisting fairy tales, and all of her books relate to each other. This is an amazing book, and I would recommend it to anyone. 
Puella magi madoka magica. Vol. 3Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 3 by Magica Quartet
Teodora's Rating: ★★★

In this final volume, Madoka learns what Magical Girls are really fighting against and what would happen to her if she accepted Kyubey's contract. Meanwhile, Homura, another Magical Girl, prepares to fight a witch that will kill her if she continues fighting alone. Her reserved nature and commitment to stop Madoka from becoming a Magical Girl is revealed. When Madoka comes to Homura on the battle field however, she will be surprised at what this girl who is destined to be the world's greatest Magical Girl will do.
After three volumes, I've finished this dark Magical Girl series. My final impression: it is just not meant for me. I'm sure that others can enjoy this series for its grim yet spelling themes. This series is also a popular anime by the same name. I felt, however, that the series was too short. The series did not give me enough time to envelop myself in this world of Magical Girls. I did enjoy the ending. It was bittersweet and a bit unpredictable. The art continued being great with an amazing fight scene. I did have a problem with one chapter that continued to go through numerous time lines. Writing paradoxes like the ones in manga are indeed confusing and, at the start, so was this one. Overall, I am glad that I picked up this series and experienced what it had to offer.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Vol.  2Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 2 by Magica Quartet
Teodora's Rating: ★★★

In this second volume of the popular magical girl manga series, Madoka's friend, Sayaka decides to make a contract to become a magical girl in order to save the boy she loves. With Madoka tagging along, Sayaka begins a new life as a magical girl. But, her life is falling apart. A new magical girl threatens her over valuable territory and Sayaka is running out of time to confess her feelings to her crush. As Sayaka becomes more recluse from her friends and life, Madoka begins to consider if becoming a magical girl is worth it, and secrets about the cat, Kyubey, begin to break to the surface.
The second volume, I felt, was more enticing than the first. Sayaka's mental transformation was darkly written and I loved it. Her relationship with the boy she loves in an emotional ride. Also, Kyubey starts to get more of a backstory. The art is very nice, however sometimes the transitions from page to page were a tad choppy. I would recommend reading the rest of this series or just picking the first volume up.
ProdigyProdigy by Marie Lu
Allee's Rating: ★★★

This book is about a future United States that is warring with itself. Day and June are tasked with assassinating the new Elector of the Republic, and are part of a grand scheme to take it over and restore peace with the hope of returning the United States to its former glory. But is June, originally born and raised in the Republic, ready to kill? Loyalties will be tested.
Children of IcarusChildren of Icarus by Caighlan Smith
Teodora's Rating: ★★★

Every year, children from the ages ten to sixteen are chosen to become angels. Their task is simple: enter the temple dedicated to Icarus. A dream for many, but a lie for all. There are no angels, only monsters. When a girl enters the maze with her best friend, Clara, she learns just how cruel the labyrinth is. Will she, and her new acquaintances in the deadly maze, ever find the end and return home safe?
Children of Icarus could've been a really good book if it weren't for one fatal flaw: the main character. She is so dull that she is hardly given a backstory and lacks any name. This is a bold play from the typical main characters as she seems like a background character more than anything. This is the first book in a trilogy; so I am hoping for some redemption for this poor character. More mystery prepares the next books for one high-paced adventure and even prepares the main character for change. Every time the author describes the interactions between the characters and the monsters of the labyrinth, I could not dare to put the book down. I'm looking forward to future books in this series and would recommend it to people who enjoyed The Maze Runner series.
The helpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett
Lydia's Rating: ★★★

Through the eyes of 3 women in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi you are able to see and feel what is is like to be in a southern town during segregation. Abileen and Minny, two black maids, tell the tale of fear and depression for what their lives are and what they could become. Skeeter Phelan learns that although she has had a hard life, she is white and better off than black people, but she can't leave it at that. Skeeter has an idea, write a book telling what it is like to live as a black maid, but will it become a success or fail even before it starts?
This book is worth at least one read through if not more!
The hobbit, or, There and back againThe Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
Kai's Rating: ★★★

The Hobbit is a great book about an ordinary and rich hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo goes on an adventure to help the Dwarfs take back their home.
I really liked this book because it was a great page turner and was very exciting. There was a lot of fantasy involved and I think that people who love to read adventure and fantasy stories will love to read this book.